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Kiswahili & Music UACE syllabus pdf

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This Volume comprises syllabi for two subjects, Music and Kiswahili, taught in Uganda’s secondary schools at Advanced Level.

The work is a product of over several years of research by a number of academicians, educationists and pedagogical specialists from Uganda. Its various drafts have undergone wide spread scrutiny and the end product is a unique contribution to this area of learning.

The syllabi provide a detailed model for describing, scaling and sequencing content intake and the different kinds of knowledge, skills, and competences required for each of the two subjects.

This book is addressed to all professionals, most especially educationists and it is intended to stimulate reflection on objectives and methodology to provide a common basis for the syllabus usage. It is an invaluable tool for those working in teacher education and training as well as those in syllabus and instructional materials production