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NCDC Kiswahili Sample S1-S2

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National Curriculum and Development Center Resource
End of Year Sample

1. These are sample items. It is not a full examination paper set.
2. Items should be both short response and extended response.
3. Ensure that the items encourage high order thinking where the learner is expected to create, analyse and evaluate the concepts or situations
4. The suggestion is that the paper should not exceed 2 hours.
5. You have the freedom, as a teacher, to determine a realistic number of items to be done in the given slotted time for the paper at your school.
6. Composition writing manifests most learning outcomes though not all. The essence is to explore the much that may not be assessable in the given pen and paper examination time. Grammar and language structure is best explored here. No learning outcome can be developed in isolation of this.
7. It is advisable that the examination format is put in sections, thus: Section A for SHORT RESPONSE items and Section B for extended response items.
8. For the end of year, in senior1 and 2, it should be only one paper for each class.
9. In assessing extended response items, score using RELEVANCE, ACCURACY, COHERENCE and EXCELLENCE (RACE) as provided in the assessment grid