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May 23, 2022
With reference to any business field trip you made as an individual or as a group.
(a) Describe the nature of the business (04 marks)
(b) How does the business you visited market its products? (06 marks)
(c) Explain the factors the business you visited considers when selecting the channel of distribution. (06 marks)
(d) (i) What measures are under taken by the business to ensure discipline of its employees? (04 marks)
(e) (ii) Explain the impact of the business you visited to the community. (05 marks)


Aug 2, 2022
General description

  • Business name, address and contact
  • Business location
  • Products/services offered
  • Purpose i.e. vision , mission, goals, and objectives
  • Date of establishment
  • Source of funding
  • Nature /legal form of ownership
  • Description of fixed assets
  • Target customers
  • Uniqueness of the business
  • SWOT analysis.

The name should be different

(b) How the business visited markets its products should include:-

  • Attractive and strategic display
  • Advertising and sales promotion
  • Offering discount
  • Decision making
  • Effective and efficient communication
  • Negotiation for fair prices and goods the business deals in
  • Good brand image
  • Carrying out market research
  • Good customer care
  • Effective and efficient distribution channel
(c) Factors considered when selecting the channels of distribution:-

  • The consumer/customer characteristics
  • Product characteristics (nature)
  • The competition
  • The business characteristics
  • The distribution channel or intermediary characteristics
  • Environmental characteristics
  • Reliability of the channel
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Size of the market
Any 6 x 1 = 6 marks

(d) (i) Measures the business uses to ensue discipline of its employees:-

  • Recording the reporting and departure time for each employee
  • Assigning each employee a supervisor
  • ,motivating employees e.g. paying them promptly
  • Treating employees with respect/dignity
  • Punishing indisciplined employees e.g. using pay cuts.
(ii) Impact of the business visited to the community

  • Market for products
  • Employment
  • Research Centre
  • Source of income
  • Infrastructural development
  • Paying taxes to government
  • Variety of pro ducts.
This varies from business to business