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National Curriculum and Development Center Resource
Care giver's guide
to the learning framework
for the early childhood development
3 - 6 years​

This is a Caregiver’s Guide to the Learning Framework for ECD (3-6 Years). The purpose of the caregiver’s guide is to offer guidance on how to interpret the LFW. The information and ideas presented in this document relate to the Learning Framework for ECD 3-6 years with emphasis both on the types of activities that are naturally interesting to infants and on the influences of responsive care giving, the environment, and play materials on early development.

This document also guides the caregiver in the planning and assessing, and explores the contribution of the naturally occurring activities of infants and toddlers to their learning and development.

The young ones benefit a lot when they have a caregiver who is sensitive and responsive to their needs and interests, one who creates appropriate environment, and who introduces activities that encourage the children to explore freely and be in control of what happens.

I am sure that whoever uses this Caregiver’s Guide will find it useful in supporting, guiding and facilitating the child’s learning and development.