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Entrepreneurship Learner’s Book S.6 pdf

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Entrepreneurship Education
Learner’s Book
for Advanced Level
Senior Six

This learners book has been written for you, the learner, on the principle that entrepreneurship education is not a business course but a life skill. It is a life skill because it will prepare you to function effectively and successfully in this world full of challenges, especially unemployment. The book has therefore been written to tickle, awaken and enhance the development of the potential entrepreneur in you.

By the end of this course, you should have decided to be a successful entrepreneur within or even outside your future field of specialisation. You will be a notch above your fellow professionals who, qualified as they may be, cannot convert their talents into self-employment due to their lack of entrepreneurial skills. Instead they are always hunting for jobs and facing drawbacks such as no employment, low salary, limited promotional opportunities, strikes and early retirement into an uncertain future, among others

As an entrepreneur, you will create jobs for yourself and other people, in the  elds of service provision (education, health, law, transportation, media) or goods production (processing, manufacturing, and so on).

In this way you will make a contribution to the required socio-economic transformation of the country. However, even if you do not become an entrepreneur yourself, you will utilise the knowledge and skills you will have acquired to work for other entrepreneurs in an innovative way. You will be a more effective employee with sound personal initiative and creativity.