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P.7 SST NOTES ALL YEAR 2022.pdf​

The PDF file containing primary social studies notes is a comprehensive resource that provides detailed information on various social studies topics at the primary level.

The notes included in this PDF file are organized in a logical and sequential manner, making it easy for students to follow and comprehend the material. They are written in a concise and clear language, which enables students to grasp the essential concepts and ideas easily.

This PDF file provides a valuable resource for teachers as well. It can serve as a guide for lesson planning, and teachers can use the notes to supplement their classroom instruction. Additionally, it can be used as a reference tool for students who need to review the material or prepare for tests and exams.

Overall, the PDF file containing primary social studies notes is an essential resource for both students and teachers alike. It provides a comprehensive overview of various social studies topics, and its clear and concise format makes it easy to understand and use.