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NCDC S.1 & S.2 Local Language

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End of Year Sample

Guidance to Teacher
The purpose of providing these sample items is to guide the teacher on setting End of Year Assessment items for learners of Senior One. End-of-year assessments will contribute to the 80% of the End of Cycle Assessment at Lower Secondary. However, what is provided in this document is not a complete End of Cycle examination format. The set items below offer guidance on setting test items for Local Language in the Competency-Based Curriculum. There are two Short Response Items and one Extended Response Item. The set items are divided into three sections: A, B and C. Use these to benchmark on setting similar items in the other classes.

NOTE: The teacher should translate the whole paper [except the translation statements in Question 2 (a)] into his/her respective local language before administering it to the learners. You are free to adapt the translations to the learners’ locality