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NCDC Teacher's Guide P.3

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National Curriculum and Development Center Resource
National Primary School Curriculum for Uganda
Teacher’s Guide Primary Three​

This Teacher’s Guide is designed to provide you with the support you need to teach using the Thematic Curriculum. Study the Curriculum to ensure that you are familiar with the general aims and objectives of Primary Education. The Teacher’s Guide is divided into three main parts:
Part A provides guidance on the general teaching approaches recommended for a P3 teacher using the Thematic Curriculum. This section provides ideas on the overall methodology and class management recommended for teaching with a thematic approach. It also provides a rationale and teaching procedures for each learning area. Remember that your children were taught using the same approach in P1 and P2.
Part B provides sample Schemes of Work and Lesson Plan Guidelines for each week. They show the competences to be developed each day. These will guide you when preparing a detailed scheme of work and lesson plans using a thematic approach.
Part C provides detailed samples of a Scheme of Work and Lesson Plans for each learning area.